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Players' Comments


Jason McGuire:

"Glenn Canin's guitars are everything I have always looked for in a guitar. They sound ferocious when you dig in hard, yet they can sound angelically sweet when you back off. The intonation is impeccable and they are well balanced from string to string.  All of this and they are very easy to play and the french polish is gorgeous. What more could I ask for? I haven't touched any of my other guitars since I played the first guitar Glenn made for me. Thanks Glenn for your devotion to quality, tone and workmanship." 

- Jason McGuire "El Rubio", Oakland


Pedro Cortes:

"Jason Mcguire just sent me one of his Glenn Canin Guitars,,,,,,all I can say is HOLY SHIT!!! In all my years of playing I've never heard a guitar with this kind of volume and sound quality. If you live in NYC please feel free to come to one of my gigs and check this beast out. If you are looking to buy a Flamenco Guitar you need to check this guitar out before you invest any money in any other guitar."

- Pedro Cortes, New York


Eric Jaeger:

"I cannot speak highly enough of Glenn's flamenco guitars.  Tone, volume, comfort, intonation and workmanship are as good as it gets.  His dedication to excellence is above and beyond.  Glenn has created a guitar that opens new avenues to express my art.  It is truly the best blanca I have ever played!"

- Eric "El Comanche Gitano", Flamenco de Raiz, Children of the Revolution


Stephen Stein

"I've never played a guitar that sounded like this, but I think I dreamt it once."

- Stephen Stein, San Francisco


Jonathan Richman

"Glenn Canin makes fabulous flamenco guitars!  You play one and think, "That's how these things should respond."  They're loud and percussive but they also have something more.  They sound with a deep beauty.  They speak a language.  It seems to a few of us around town that this man has found his calling in making guitars."

- Jonathan Richman, San Francisco

Sam Adams:

"I am actually partly responsible for the Glenn Canin guitar phenomenon. You see, in 2005 I traveled to
Spain and I played every guitar from Cadis to Granada. I was on a mission; find some quality guitars and
bring them home. I bought two guitars for myself and one for Glenn. After playing our instruments for a few
months, neither Glenn nor I were satisfied with our guitars. Glenn decided to take matters into his own
hands, literally.

Glenn has apprenticed with some of the finest guitar builders in the U.S. The guitars he
is making are the finest guitars I have ever played. They blow every guitar I played in Spain out of the
water, and that includes some $10,000+ Condes. The fact that Jason Mcguire plays his guitars exclusively
is a huge testimony to the quality of Glenn's guitars. The French polish is exquisite, the workanship is top
notch, and the sound is unsurpassed. My business as a professional guitarist depends on a beautiful sound. I'm satisfied that I'm playing the best guitar that's available ....anywhere."

- Sam Adams, Santa Barbara


Fabian Diaz

"I'm fortunate to own two Glenn Canin guitars, a negra and a blanca and am extremely pleased with them.  Glenn makes world class guitars, with excellent playability, tone and great volume.  I highly recommend Glenn's guitars."

- Fabian Diaz, New York


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